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With over 25 years experience in the building industry, Edgeley is at heart a construction company. We strongly believe in a 'do it yourself' attitude, as such we maintain a large workforce split into efficient divisions. This way we involve a minimal number of sub-contractors, ensuring there are no delays on site and granting us substantial control over the quality of work delivered. 

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Edgeley is first and foremost a construction company. Through our 'do it ourselves' mentality we are able to efficiently maintain a large number of divisions. We believe that having our own workforce on site allows us greater control over a project and allows us to adapt to changing circumstances quickly by circumventing sub-contractor negotiations. Our bespoke handover process allows us to deliver projects on time and to an exceptionally high quality, ensuring we always meet our client's expectations.


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Through our maintenance division we are able to implement detailed and effective maintenance schedules on our completed projects. We also work with clients to create and implement maintenance schedules on existing properties. By coordinating our divisions we are able to maintain any aspect of a project, from landscaping to structural reinforcement. 


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From humble garden sheds to large warehouses’, Edgeley has experience in demolishing a wide range of structures safely and efficiently. Our in-house division ensures that all projects involving demolition are properly planned and carried out in the safest, most efficient and cost effective manner. We also submit and stick to detailed waste management & disposal plans to mitigate the environmental impact of our works.

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Our planning division can bring a project to life from the very beginning. Our in-house professional’s can work with clients to produce sets of drawings for planning approval. We can then take the project further by working closely with out other teams to flesh out the design and build the project. This synergy between our teams allows us to make life easy for the client by being a single point of contact regarding the project from the start, all the way through to the end.

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