Employee of the Month - July

This was a close decision but this months winner is YETI CURRI for his continuous hard work and can do attitude. There is not a lot yeti can't put his hands to and he continuously motivates all around him, it's a pleasure to have him as part of our team! 

His Manager Gaz had a few words to say:

"I 'm happy that Yeti has been chosen for the simple reason that he is the best!
1) Who's the man for the drains? Yeti
2) Who's the man for the services? Yeti
3) Who's the man for steel work? Yeti
4) Who's the man for fixing the truck? Yeti
Everything you ask him to do he just gets it done. So I think he deserves employee of the month without a doubt. "

Well done Yeti and keep up the good work!!

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